What Is The Difference Between a Stun Gun And a TASER?

What Is The Difference Between a Stun Gun And a TASER?

You may ask yourself, what is the difference? Many use the term interchangeably but they are two different devices.

It can be hard to decide when it comes to self defense, and whether buying either a TASER or a stun gun is suitable for you.

You are interested in learning more and what the differences are between the two.



What Is a Stun Gun?

A stun gun is an electric shock weapon that uses high voltage to temporarily disable an attacker without serious injury. The voltage causes muscle pain and confusion. This device requires direct contact with a the target (or attacker).

What does a stun gun look like?

They come in many shapes and sizes. Majority look like a small retangle and flashlights, which makes them easy to carry or conceal (check your state for laws regarding concealed weapons).


What Is a Stun Gun?

A TASER is a battery powered device used to incapacitate a target (or attacker) by transmitting an electric shock, allowing them to be appraoched and handled in an unresisting and safe manner. It comes with a laser to accurately point where to shoot the probes.

What does a TASER look like?

They were designed to look and feel like a gun, with a shaft, or a handle for an easy grip when firing. They have a short barrel, and cartridge is loaded in it.



How Does a Stun Gun Work?

It works by allowing electricity to pass between two metal prongs attached at the end of the device. Upon physical contact, the electrical shock is passed to the target nerve system, paralyzing the muscles of the body for a few seconds. It will cause muscle spasm, imbalancement, and dazed mental state.  Giving you a few minutes to get away safetly from any situation.

How Does a TASER Work?

They fire two small electrode dart-like tips with wires connected to the device. Upon contact and penetrating with target, it delivers an electrical shock which paralyzes the nerve system, incapacitating a target for a few seconds. The pulse delivers a very powerful and painful shock that affects muscles, losing control of any muscle movement. The initial pulse continues for about 30 seconds and can continue longer after initial cycle by pressing the trigger constantly.



What Is The Voltage On a Stun Gun?

On average, stun guns have about 25,000 volts (low range).  The medium range stun guns though, is between 50,000 - 100,000 volts.  The higher voltage stun guns are about 10 million volts or more.

What Is The Voltage On a TASER?

TASERs have an electrical output of 50,000 volts.



What Is The Stun Gun Range?

Stun Guns only work in short range, meaning it has to make contact with target.  It will also penatrate if target is wearing thick clothing.

What Is The TASER Range?

TASERs have a long distance range, up to 15 feet. It will work even if the target is wearing thick clothing.



All states have laws against the illegal use or concealment of a stun gun/taser.  Stun guns/Tasers can only be used in self defense and it is illegal to use it against a person or animal that you are attacking. Each state has detailed wording on the legality or misuse of a stun gun/taser.  Misusing stun guns/tasers can get you a fine and/or imprisonment. Make sure to get familiar with your local state laws on the use of a stun gun/taser.


Disclaimer: The laws found on Stun Gun & Taser Laws By State reflect the best information we have at this time and may or may not be complete. In no way should this be used as the final information on the legal status of pepper spray nor is this information intended to take the place of legal counsel or be looked at as being any form of legal advise. Please check with your local authorities to obtain the latest up-to-date information on the legality of pepper spray in your area. It is the responsibility of the end user to check their local and state laws to determine legality.
Always Guarded Boutique is not responsible for the determining legality concerning local laws and restrictions, the buyer is soley responsible for determining the legality of the possession and use of our products in your city and state.

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