Navy Blush Mama Collection Safety Keychain

Do I Need a Self Defense Keychain?

Not everyone who owns a gun or a taser wants to carry them or the state they live in may not allow them to carry due to strict weapon laws. Self defense or Safety keychains are growing, and for a good reason!  Most states allow you to carry without concealing them (search you local laws to know what you can or cannot purchase).

Majority of women carry their keys with them on a daily basis. By adding the basic self defense items, you are already in the advantage if and when required.

When ready to purchase a self defense (safety) keychain, you can either buy items individually to create your own or buy one as a package from an online retailer.  What we have seen over and over, is that most self defense (safety) keychains being sold are poor quality or include items that have nothing to do with self defense.  We at Always Guarded Boutique, offer high quality, fashionable, unique, and custom self defense (safety) keychain packages.

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